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Thursday, October 28, 2010
Thoughts #1 @ 11:45 PM

I find it incredibly sad whenever I come across malicious and insensitive bullying on sites like formspring, facebook and tumblr, when anonymity is allowed. It's such a cowardly way to act, saying such atrocious things that you wouldn't even dream of saying to that person's face. Through my somewhat limited encounters though, I've noticed general differences in the bullying between tumblr, formspring and facebook.

1) Tumblr.
Often 'Anonymous' will be a random hater who critises the person about their looks, the things they post and I've even seen some death threats. One thing I came across that had my face like O_O then T___T then D:< was 'Anonymous' complaining about a user 'spamming' their dashboard with their posts. Now I follow this person and she posts lovely things and if I really didn't like it, I would just unfollow. Or scroll through.. lol like always. So why can't 'Anonymous' do the same?! If you don't like it, just unfollow. No need to be a complete ass about it, sheesh T__T.

The other common type is the anonymous that bashes on girls who choose to share photos of themselves on tumblr. It's nice that girls have confidence to post those, in an age where every girl seems to be insecure with her apperance and I don't think they deserve such hurtful and insensitive comments. For 'Anonymous' I'd like to see you post a photo of yourself. Heck, it seems that the prettier the girl, the more haters she gathers o_o

2) Formspring.
Often it is the people the user knows trolling or mean bitches at school. It's really sad to see this, as I'm always shocked at how mean some of the comments are.. I guess I'm lucky that I was part of a year group that never seemed to experience bullying to that extent. Actually, wait I can think of one person who's pretty much been ostracised or made fun of most of highschool but I think she made friends at the end so I'm happy about that. But pretty much, fights will be minor and stay within friendship groups. The user I came across, she was receiving requests from many 'Anonymous' people to please go kill herself and criticisms about her looks and the way she acts. That's too far. If you have a problem with the way she acts, maybe you should just ignore it, or confront her about it -face to face. Instead of hiding behind the mask of anonymity. However, all this leads me to wonder why these users choose to publish these questions or keep their formspring in the first place.

3) Facebook.
Well I'm not sure if being 'Anonymous' is possible on facebook lol, but this certainly hasn't stopped bullies from forming hate groups about certain people which is quite sick. There's been several reports on kids and teenagers ending their lives over the thoughtless and cruel actions of their peers. I really feel for them, as the bullying must be incredibly bad that the bullied feel the only way it will end is if they commit suicide. I hope the bullies feel remorse and guilt for the rest of their lives.

Anyway just something random that's been on my mind since reading Jessica's post on it.

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