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Saturday, June 18, 2011
Freedom @ 5:35 PM

I had my last final exam today, now I'm a free woman. YAY. The test was a total bitch though. I spent some time calculating what my absolute maximum mark would be and it was 61% >.< I was quite generous too, so there's a possibility I actually failed it. DAMN YOU ACCOUNTING. But what better way to cheer myself up than yummy food. After the exam went to eat at Maki Maki on Broadway, and had chicken katsu don with spicy tuna sushi roll (shoulda taken a pic!) then Darling Harbour for some waffles at Movenpick.


Mmm. Wish it wasn't so windy today though, my hair kept on landing on my mouth.

Was gonna go drinking and let loose tonight but cbf, gonna go emo in my bed and watch dramas LOL.

Also I dyed my hair with Liese Bubble Dye in Cassis Berry! Not much difference, my hair has a slight reddy tinge to it now but at least my roots are gone :)


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Thursday, June 2, 2011
HAIRCUT @ 10:37 PM

My hair is really thick. It got to the point where I felt like a helmet was on my head so during a 3 hr uni break today I went to Chinatown with a friend to do something about it.

The place I went to was called Zing, run by some friendly Korean hairdressers who were professional and had excellent service. I even talked to mine about kdramas LOL. I'd definitely go back again :) Good customer service is so important! Here's the haircut:



Please excuse the face, I had uni from 9am to 7.30pm today :(
But it's also the first time I'm satisfied with my haircut. (Um, probably because not much changed haha. Just a few more layers and a trim, also blowdried)

Ooh, and also found out I'll be working at Dexus for the next 6 months as an intern! I'll have fun explaining what sort of company it is to everyone, no one has heard of it ! ><
Well me neither, I had to google xD I'm happy with that placement though. The other intern is someone I'm on okay terms with (he hates kpop and teases me a lot) and a really nice 2nd year BACC works there part time :) It's also in the city, near Town Hall so lunch dates yay. I'm seriously going to expand horizontally this winter, loving all the hot fatty foods mmmm.

One more thing for Sydneysiders: EAT AT MAPPEN IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. They have the most delicious soba and udon there. But warning, daily cravings will follow after your first time.
It's near Pepper Lunch at Town Hall.

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Monday, May 30, 2011
Rain, rain go away @ 8:28 PM

I think I may have seasonal affective disorder. Yes, that's right, the rainy weather outside causing you to have mood swings is an actual medical condition! That makes it seem more legit for me to be a total grumpypants, all I want to do is curl up in bed and watch 30 Rock. :D

Final exams are fast approaching, about two weeks away. Gotta get my study on. I'm not sure whether to study by myself or with friends.



but it will be boring.

With friends:

+ doing 20% of the work I'm supposed to have done. But it will be fun.. and fattening.
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
NYX Haul @ 12:57 PM

YAAAY! My NYX haul finally came in the mail. Was feeling rather shitty this morning, but this immediately brightened my day. :) I bought this during Cherry Culture's 50% off sale on selected NYX products. Hopefully I'll be able to do some reviews over the next week.


♥ Eyeshadow brush
♥ Girls Round Lip Gloss - Apricot
♥ Girls Round Lip Gloss- Mauve
♥ Slim Lip Pencil- Nectar
♥ Studio Liquid Eyeliner- Extreme Coffee
♥ Studio Liquid Eyeliner- Extreme Plum Purple
♥ Black Label Lipstick- Dusky Rose
♥ Black Label Lipstick- India
♥ Black Label Lipstick- Apple
♥ Eyebrow cake powder
♥ Purple smokey look kit
♥ Nude on nude natural look kit

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Hey, its been a while.. @ 1:25 AM

Time flies by. So according to my last entry, my last visit to this blog was just before I spent a month in Hong Kong and way before my first year of university started. I'm not sure if I can adequately sum up all the good/bad/crazy times I've had since then, but I may one day. To get things off my chest... or to inscribe some unforgettable moments down. But in short :
HK = best time of my life
UNI = hasn't really met my expectations. Heck of a lot of assignments.

I'm going to try and make an effort to blog much more often! I really missed knowing what was going on with the blogosphere, its a great community to be a part of :)

Oh, and that interview for Bachelor of Accounting coop scholarship I tried out for ? I got in, much to my surprise ! Thanks for your good luck's, I truly believe it helped :) Even though a scholarship is great, and so is the opportunity to intern at two renowned companies, there is increased pressure to perform well and certainly a tradeoff between work and social life -.- But I'm definitely trying to achieve a balance !

Here are some random photos (mostly luvos haha)~







Sunday, November 28, 2010
Off on Holidays.. @ 9:09 PM



I'll be leaving Sydney tomorrow and I can't wait!!! I'm 70% excitement and 30% nervousness, since it's my first time travelling overseas by myself! Hope everything goes smoothly and I don't get myself in trouble keke.
I'm definitely planning to soak up the experiences of being in a different environment, eat heaps of street food, shop till I drop and spend lots of time with my relatives <3. When I'm back (6th Jan), I'll make sure to post all about it (and maybe quick updates while I'm there)! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays. Take care ^__^

If anyone's in HK as well during December/early January, let's meet up and go shopping!!! Just send an email to me: the_model_romance@hotmail.com =]e
Friday, November 26, 2010
Interview @ 5:01 PM

I had my first interview for a university scholarship today!! I was so nervous beforehand, because I know I can get rather tongue tied and crack really lame jokes under pressure. =/ I ended up waking up at 6, wore a suit (I LOVE CORPORATE WEAR) and sat around thinking of how to present myself until I left the house at 10 lolol.

The interview itself was not too bad, I had reps from Macquarie Bank and Ernst & Young, who were pretty friendly, but I think I failed the problem solving questions. o.o They asked this:

1) What are the advantages of both a square manhole and a round manhole?

2) If you were on an expensive boat with a glass bottle of alcohol and were dying of thirst - BUT the boat had no bottle opener to be found, how would you open the bottle?

WTF!! I made up complete bullshit that made no sense for the first one, something about round manholes being safer because the square ones have corners and edges (lolol kill me, they just nodded and chuckled at that comment). For the second one, I cracked some lame jokes like since it's an expensive boat, I probably wouldn't be on it myself so I'd ask someone for assistance, and drinking alcohol on a boat is a bad idea (FOOT IN MOUTH MUCH?!).

In my defense, I have no knowledge whatsoever of manholes and opening bottles of alcohol without a bottle opener. :P

After the interview, I asked what sort of answers they've heard from those questions, then the guy from Macq Bank was like 'oh, I ask different ones all the time. In fact, the second one was from the Hamish & Andy show yesterday!' HAHA fml.. should listen to the radio more!

Hm, hopefully I made a good impression but out of 120 people being interviewed, they're only choosing 30!! :( Oh well, even if I don't get in, I met a nice girl today called Wendy :) We were both waiting for our interviews and bonded over.. our nervousness?! Haha, I saw her getting out of the lift as I was about to exit the UTS building then we just complained about how we stuffed up our interviews rofl. Lucky girl, she's off at the airport now on holidays to China! Oh, and their was a guy also waiting for his interview who looked like Siwon from Super Junior!!!!! The only thing I know about him is this was his interview too, and he wants to work at Coca Cola for the free drinks lmao!

Oh! I bought a new webcam two days ago :) Do I look like an office worker? hahaha



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