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Wednesday, May 25, 2011
NYX Haul @ 12:57 PM

YAAAY! My NYX haul finally came in the mail. Was feeling rather shitty this morning, but this immediately brightened my day. :) I bought this during Cherry Culture's 50% off sale on selected NYX products. Hopefully I'll be able to do some reviews over the next week.


♥ Eyeshadow brush
♥ Girls Round Lip Gloss - Apricot
♥ Girls Round Lip Gloss- Mauve
♥ Slim Lip Pencil- Nectar
♥ Studio Liquid Eyeliner- Extreme Coffee
♥ Studio Liquid Eyeliner- Extreme Plum Purple
♥ Black Label Lipstick- Dusky Rose
♥ Black Label Lipstick- India
♥ Black Label Lipstick- Apple
♥ Eyebrow cake powder
♥ Purple smokey look kit
♥ Nude on nude natural look kit

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