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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
The world awaits @ 10:15 PM

FINISHED. DUNZO. ADIOS and a happy GOODBYE to the HSC. May you never be a part of my life again. :)




As expected, the economics test was kind of a bitch. MC was difficult, short answers was mindnumbing and extended response pretty much drew a WTF from everyone and cries of "WHY NOT CHINA CASE STUDY?" That China case study along with the 2010/11 Fed Budget was the only thing I spent time preparing for in the library yesterday. Rawr. Nevertheless, as soon as the test was over, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and any knowledge about globalisation, exchange rates and external stability was quickly being emptied into the recycling bin of my brain! Woo! :D Now my brain is all ready to consume more kpop dramas, animes and books ^^

Before meeting up with my friends to hang out in the city, I went to Hursty to buy my formal dress and pick up contact lens. I WAS SO NERVOUS THAT MY DRESS WAS SOLD OUT! To my luck, there was one in my size left :D I don't know what'd I do if someone bought the last one. I'm quite picky and every other floor length dress I found was either:
1) Too day-time
2) Hideous print (grandma floral, animal print etc)
3) That gross stiff shiny material used for formal dresses along with huge fake diamantes
To be honest, I'm not thaat happy with the dress I got, but meh, it'll do. Maybe I should post a photo up, but I didn't even show my friends today, since they'll see it on formal night haha. But I don't think they even read this blog xD

Okay, went off on a tangent as you do.. uhh yes. So I met up with my friends at the new Pitt Street Mall, which was sooo gorgeous!!!!! Damn I really should have bought my camera today. Went looking for formal dresses (everyone's so fussy like me LOL) but no one really took a liking to anything, went to the apple store and played plants vs. zombies on the ipad (why is this game so popular? haha i think i prefer more fast paced games) then went for dessert at Passionflower! Everyone has to try the lychee rose icecream flavour, please listen to me haha. It's absolutely gorgeous and refreshing <3

"Gold Digger" source: http://www.passionflower.com.au/
^ I shared that with Victoria. We were silly and cracked up at the name for a while, because right next to it on the menu was "Sugar Mama". LOL.
I think one of my goals in life is to try every single dessert item in Passionflower.

Oh!! I tried on the new circle lens today since I finally got a hold of cleaning solution. It's Geo Angel Brown, and it's my first pair of circle lens! They're quite comfortable and the colour is very natural. My eyes did look more dolly-like but the funny thing was I was talking to my mother for 10 minutes face to face and she didn't comment at all!! Hmm :O Perhaps I'll do a review of them.. I'm going to sound really noob though hehe. :D

I'm thinking of starting Sungkwan Scandal tonight, been hearing so many good things about it!

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