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Thursday, June 2, 2011
HAIRCUT @ 10:37 PM

My hair is really thick. It got to the point where I felt like a helmet was on my head so during a 3 hr uni break today I went to Chinatown with a friend to do something about it.

The place I went to was called Zing, run by some friendly Korean hairdressers who were professional and had excellent service. I even talked to mine about kdramas LOL. I'd definitely go back again :) Good customer service is so important! Here's the haircut:



Please excuse the face, I had uni from 9am to 7.30pm today :(
But it's also the first time I'm satisfied with my haircut. (Um, probably because not much changed haha. Just a few more layers and a trim, also blowdried)

Ooh, and also found out I'll be working at Dexus for the next 6 months as an intern! I'll have fun explaining what sort of company it is to everyone, no one has heard of it ! ><
Well me neither, I had to google xD I'm happy with that placement though. The other intern is someone I'm on okay terms with (he hates kpop and teases me a lot) and a really nice 2nd year BACC works there part time :) It's also in the city, near Town Hall so lunch dates yay. I'm seriously going to expand horizontally this winter, loving all the hot fatty foods mmmm.

One more thing for Sydneysiders: EAT AT MAPPEN IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. They have the most delicious soba and udon there. But warning, daily cravings will follow after your first time.
It's near Pepper Lunch at Town Hall.

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